Creating front end questions in a test

To create a front end question in the test, follow these steps:
Important: It is assumed that you are logged in as an admin in HackerEarth Assessments.

1. Select the test you want to add the question to.
2. Click Create a new question.
3. In Question type, select Front end under the Coding section.
4. In the Problem name field, enter the name of the problem.
5. In the Problem statement field, enter the problem statement.
6. In the Difficulty level list, select the difficulty level of the problem. For example, Easy.
7. Select the Maximum score you want to assign to the problem.
8. Enter the Tags related to the problem.
9. Click the Framework tab to select the framework. HackerEarth allows you to load the project in three frameworks which are as follows:
    • Vanilla
    • React
    • Angular

10. Click Load sample project to load the project in the selected framework.

11. Click Publish to save the front end question.

You have successfully created a front end question. 

Please check all the required dependencies and framework versions according to the framework you have selected for the problem.