Full stack environment and how to use it?

Full stack platform on HackerEarth is used to attempt the full stack questions in a technical assessment. Let's learn step by step, how to use the full stack platform on HackerEarth.

1. You are given the IDE of the full stack question. 

2. Click ‘Edit in IDE’ to start attempting the question. Once you click the button, the logs will start generating to set up the environment of the IDE. 

3. You can click the Question button to see the problem statement. You have to wait for a couple of minutes till the terminal and logs load completely. Logs show the error and console logs and the Terminal can be used to run any additional commands. 

4. Every full stack question has a server running by default. Localhost of the Front end shows on clicking the ‘Preview’ button. 

5. Front end Preview has a hash generated. Appending .backend to URL hits the Backend API as you can see.

Backend / app.js

6. When changes are made in the appropriate route in app.js in Backend, The Backend changes accordingly.

Frontend / src / constants.js

The backend is connected to the Front end via a BASE_URL which contains a Hash of the Backend and renders on frontend. This BASE_URL variable can be used anywhere in the front end to hit the Backend APIs.

There are comments in between the code to help you complete the project easily.

7. Once completed, click Run Code button to run the test cases.

8. Only the highest-scored submission will be considered regardless of submission order. 

Hope this helped you in understanding the full stack platform of HackerEarth and now you can attempt the questions easily. To understand more about the full stack platform, watch the video in this article.