SmartRecruiters FaceCode integration

You can integrate FaceCode interview with SmartRecruiters by following these steps:

  1. Open HackerEarth’s integration page from the administrator dashboard.Screenshot from 2023-03-28 13-08-15
  2. Click Connect FaceCode.
  3. The request will be sent to the SmartRecruiters platform. Open the platform and accept the request by clicking Allow Access.Screenshot from 2023-03-28 13-08-31

You have successfully integrated FaceCode with SmartRecruiters. Screenshot from 2023-03-28 13-08-42

Integration workflow

To invite candidates for FaceCode interview from SmartRecruiters, follow these steps:

  1. You have to add a custom step in the hiring process. Enter HE_INTERVIEW followed by any number or text.Screenshot from 2023-03-28 13-10-58
  2. You have to update the status of the candidate to HE_INTERVIEW by clicking Move Forward and selecting HE_INTERVIEW 1.Screenshot from 2023-03-28 13-11-22
  3. HackerEarth will create a FaceCode interview and share an invite with the candidate. 
  4. The interview link will also be pushed to the candidate’s notes section for you to share with interviewers.Screenshot from 2023-03-28 13-11-41
  5. Once the candidate completes the interview, the report will be pushed to the notes section. 
    Screenshot from 2023-03-28 13-11-53