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Diagram board

HackerEarth provides you with a Diagram board in the interview. This can be used to ask diagram questions, text questions, flowchart based questions, and other diagram related questions. 


There are different diagram related questions you can ask the candidate. You can use the following tools:

  1. General
  2. Azure
  3. AWS
  4. UML
  5. Flowchart

In general, you can also add a text-based question by selecting Text option.

You can create various diagram-based questions to assess the candidate's concepts of Flowchart, UML diagrams, and other development cycle related questions. You can also insert link or image URL to the diagram board.

A candidate can draw diagrams when asked to design architecture or a similar question. On the left side, you have the different components that you or a candidate can drag and drop into the diagram board. 

A diagram board can be effectively used by you to assess the flow approach and presence of mind of a candidate during the interview.