Creating Java Project questions

To create Java Project questions, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your HackerEarth Assessments account using admin credentials.
  2. Click Questions Library.
  3. In the Library section, click Java Project.
  4. Click Add project question.
  5. Enter your problem name.
  6. Provide a problem statement for your problem.
  7. Enter the difficulty level of your problem.
  8. Click Save Project Question.
  9. In the Upload Zip file section, click Upload file.

    Important: The .zip folder must contain only .java and .xml files. If your .zip folder contains other files, these files will not be uploaded.

    Note: You can also edit your project. When you click Edit Project Code, your project is displayed as:

  10. In the Tags section, add the relevant tags.
  11. Click Save Project Question.

You have successfully created your Java Project question.