Creating Front end questions

To create front end questions, follow these steps:

  1. Log into HackerEarth Recruit using your admin credentials.
  2. Click Questions Library.

    Important:  It is assumed that you are logged in as an admin in HackerEarth Recruit.

  3. In the Library section, click Frontend.
  4. Click Add frontend question.
  5. In the Problem Name field, enter the name of the problem.
  6. In the Problem Statement field, enter the problem statement.
  7. In the Difficulty level list, select the difficulty level of the problem. For example, Easy.
  8. Click Save Frontend Question.

Now, your problem will be saved and displayed in the Frontend section.

To set the language in which you want candidates to give submissions of your question, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the problem that you have created.
  2. Your question will be displayed on the right half of your screen consisting of the given problem name, problem statement, and difficulty level.
  3. In the Max. Marks field, enter the maximum marks that you want to assign to your question.
  4. In the Allowed Languages section, select the checkboxes beside the required languages. For example, if you want to select HTML and CSS, then check the checkboxes beside the respective languages.

    Note: You can select all the languages by checking the checkbox beside Select all.

  5. In the Answer section, you can write the necessary answer in the form of text. It is not visible to the candidates.
  6. In the Tags field, enter tags that you require for your question.
  7. In the Code Snippets section, you can create code snippets for your question.
  8. Click Save Frontend Question to save your question.

You have successfully created a Frontend question.