Tagging your questions

This article talks about why it is important that you tag the questions that you create and save in your custom library—My Library.

It is mandatory to add the following tags when you create a question in your custom library—My Library:

  • Difficulty level
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
  • Skill-related tags (e.g. Java, OOP, DBMS, Advanced SQL etc.)

If you do not add these tags, you will not be able to see the difficulty levels or topics while filtering the questions that you want to choose from for your test.

When you click Choose from library to add a question to your test, to be able to view a list of relevant questions, you have to select each of the following:

  1. Library in which the questions are saved
  2. Applicable sections
  3. Applicable difficulty level
  4. Relevant topics

This is displayed on your screen.


If you do not add tags to your questions, you will not see anything in lists 3 and 4.