Advanced proctoring settings - Smart Browser


HackerEarth has introduced advanced proctoring settings that force candidates to attempt a test in a HackerEarth desktop application with stricter proctoring features than those provided by our browser test environment. This is done to offer stricter proctoring settings that can be instilled in the platform so that you can be assured about the proctoring of the tests you are conducting on our platform. 

Benefits of Smart Browser

Several new proctoring settings have been introduced in the smart browser to incorporate stricter proctoring settings in the test. The smart browser or desktop application will prevent the following candidate actions:

  • Screensharing the test window
  • Keeping other applications open during the test
  • Resizing the test window
  • Using multiple monitors during the test
  • Taking screenshots of the test window
  • Recording the test window
  • Restrict keystrokes that are as follows:
      • All function keys and combos involving these keys ex: F1, F5 + Alt
      • Alt + Tab
      • Ctrl + Alt + Delete
      • Ctrl + V
      • Ctrl + C
      • OS superkeys and combos involving these keys  ex: Windows Key, Mac Command Key, Windows Key + C
  • Viewing OS notifications
  • Running the test window within a Virtual Machine
  • Usage of browser developer tools

You can also use IntelliSense with full screen if you have enabled Smart browser settings for your test. 

Smart Browser preview does not work for unpublished tests. You need to publish the test to preview it in the Smart Browser. 

Supported Operating systems

Smart Browser is supported by the following Operating Systems (OS):

OS Versions
Windows 10, 11
Linux Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 20.04
macOS 13.5 Ventura