How to integrate with HackerEarth?

HackerEarth has integrated various integrations to conduct your assessments efficiently. You can do the following tasks:

  • Set up multiple tests on HackerEarth Assessments
  • Invite candidates to tests
  • Generate detailed candidate reports and share the reports with your team members
How to integrate HackerEarth

You can easily integrate HackerEarth with any of the available ATS services.

The flow is as follows:


1. Register the application

This is the first step in the flow. You have to register the application in this step. You need to exchange the client ID and secret key from the ATS and enter the client ID and secret key on HackerEarth’s integration page. You can check for API details here. For example, if you want to integrate with iCIMS ATS then, read this article. You can also read this article to know how to integrate with Greenhouse. You can do a similar process for all the integrations.

2. Fetch the assessment

After you have integrated the ATS into the platform, you can easily fetch the required assessments and create job postings on the platform. You can also add the required details to the job and attach the required assessment for the job. For example, you can learn about the various steps to fetch the assessment and create a job posting in Trakstar - Hire by reading this article

Events list API can be used to fetch all the Invite-only tests within the account.

3. Invite candidates

The next step is to invite the candidates to take the assessment for the job posting done on the platform. You can easily invite the candidates to HackerEarth assessment to take the assessments. For example, if you want to invite candidates to take the assessment in Greenhouse ATS, you can read this article.

Invite API can be used to invite candidates to the test. Using this API, you can control the following:

  • If an email has to be sent to the candidate or not
  • The expiry date of the test
  • Where the results of the test will be posted
  • Redirection at the end of the test, etc. 

For live status, you can access relevant webhooks.

4. Candidates take the test

After the assessment has been sent to the candidate, the candidate has to attempt the assessment so that the assessment report can be generated. For example, if you want to send an invite to the candidate using JazzHR, read this article.

5. Post results

After the candidate takes the test, the results are posted by HackerEarth and an assessment report is generated for every candidate who takes the test. In the case of a FaceCode interview, a comprehensive interview summary and report are generated. For example, if you want to see the reports and results with Workable ATS, read this article.

Bulk candidate reports will help you fetch all the candidate reports. For all the details of the candidate's performance made available, check the response in the link for all the details. Further, you have the option to filter based on candidate email IDs as well as the start and end date of the test taken by the candidate.

This is how you can easily integrate with various ATS services while taking assessments or interviews on the HackerEarth platform.