Creating a new test

HackerEarth has introduced an improved process to create a new test. This will help you to create tests in a simple and quick manner. HackerEarth provides you with the following ways to create a test:

  1. Test based on job role

  2. Test based on the job description

  3. Custom test

The new process combines all three ways into one and makes the test creation process easy and quick.

Creating a new test

To create a new test, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your HackerEarth account.

2. Click Assessments.

3. Click Create a new test.


4. Select the job role for which you want to create the test. Selecting the job role is important because it helps us to create a relevant test for the selected job role. For example, you select Backend Developer - Spring as the job role.


You can also create a new role by clicking Create new role. If you create a new role, you can customize the skills for the test. This role can be reused later.


5. You will be asked to select how would you like to add questions. If you select Automatically, the recommended skills for the job role will be auto-selected which can be modified by you. You can select a maximum of 5 skills.


If you select Manually (Custom test), you can directly click Create test to create a customized test where you can add the questions on your own.


6. You can also add more skills by clicking 8.png.

You can create tests where the skills are directly imported from the job description. Click Import skills from Job description. You can either upload the Job description or enter the Job description in the text area. We will automatically import skills for the relevant job role from the given job description. If more than 5 skills are detected in the Job description, you will need to choose 5 skills to create the test before proceeding to the next step.


7. Click Continue.

8. You can modify the settings of your assessment by entering the test name, Experience, test duration, and the relevant tags for the test.


9. Click Create test. Your test will be created

HackerEarth will try to create the test with questions from the HackerEarth library. If we are unable to find enough questions for the test from our library then you can contact to request additional content.