To create Python Project questions, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your HackerEarth Assessments account using admin credentials.
  2. Click Library.
  3. Click Create a question.
  4. Under Project section, click Python Project.
  5. Enter your problem name.
  6. Provide a problem statement for your problem.
  7. Enter the difficulty level of your problem.
  8. In the Upload Zip file section, click Upload file.

    Important: The .zip folder contains .py files. 

    Note: You can also edit your project. When you click Edit Project Code, your project is displayed as:

    Check the sample .zip file to understand the project structure better. Please do not change the names of folders like sample_tests, src, and tests.
  9. In the Tags section, add relevant tags like Python.
  10. Click Save Project Question.

You have successfully created your Python Project question.