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Release notes: November 7, 2022

  • Signal strength

HackerEarth has introduced signal strength on FaceCode that indicates if the admin or candidate has enough signal strength or if they are having any network issues while an interview is being conducted.

  • Evaluation template

HackerEarth has introduced Evaluation template in FaceCode where admins can create their own evaluation templates and the evaluation parameters with each template. These templates can be copied to any interview that you create. To learn more, refer to this article.

  • Time complexity of a candidate’s submission

HackerEarth has introduced a feature where you can find the time complexity of a candidate’s submission. This can work as a differentiator when multiple candidates score the same to understand whose code is better optimized.

  • Partial scoring

HackerEarth has introduced partial scoring in the MCQ questions with multiple correct answers. To learn more, refer to this article.