Before you begin...

Before you begin a test, you are required to do the following:

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Take the practice test to get familiar with the test environment
  • Share details that are required by the recruiter. This can range from basic information such as educational details, work history, etc. to more specific details such as additional courses taken, languages that you can code in, etc.
Test customization

Recruiters may also customize the test in the following ways:

Disable copy and paste in the code editor

This does not allow you to copy the code from somewhere on the web or a local computer and paste it into the editor.

Disable copying of the problem statement

This prevents you from copying the problem statement from the editor onto any online portal.

Remote monitoring

When the test is live, you will be monitored remotely by the recruiter. Tests with this setting require you to have an active webcam. You will not be able to take the test if your:

  • The computer does not have a working webcam
  • Webcam is not switched on

Full-screen mode

Recruiters can make it mandatory to take the test in full-screen mode only. If you exit the full-screen mode, a warning will be displayed on the screen

Logging out on switching tabs

This is HackerEarth Recruit's most stringent proctoring setting yet. When you are in the test environment, you will not be allowed to move out of the test screen. Each time you move out, the system gives you a warning and subsequently logs you out. The system considers the following as switching tabs:

  • Moving to a new window/tab
  • Opening a new application from your computer including system pop-ups like antivirus, Lync, Skype, etc.

    Note: It is recommended that you disable system updates before beginning the test.