My Library (Custom library)

While the HackerEarth library has an exhaustive list of questions, you can also create your own questions for tests. These questions can be stored in your custom library or My Library.

Important: Questions that you create for a test are not added automatically to My Library. A Library admin or a Super admin must add the questions manually to My Library. 

A test admin cannot add, delete, or modify the questions in the My Library, however, they can use them while creating a test.

Advantages of using a custom library

  • It contains all the questions that you have created based on your requirements
  • You can customize and organize your questions
  • You can add different sections
  • You may add these questions to your test

If you have any one of these privileges, you can perform the following actions on the questions that are present in your custom library:

  • Add 
  • Edit
  • Delete 

These actions can only be done if you are a Super Admin.

You can also upload your questions in bulk. For more information, see adding questions in bulk.