Java Project

In this article, we break down Java project questions to ensure that you are familiar with the following:

  • Parts of a Java Project question
  • Editing your project
  • Submitting your project
  • Deleting your project
  • Uploading your project
Parts of a Java Project question

Problem statement

A problem statement is a short description of the problem for which you should provide a solution or an answer. In this type of question, it consists of the information about the given class and its attributes.

Editing your project

To edit your project:

  • Click Edit Project Code.

You will be directed to a page that contains the folders and files present in the question. Here, you can edit the code of the various functions of your project.

Viewing the problem statement

To view your problem statement:

  • Click View Question Statement.

Note: You can navigate to the problem statement at any time during the test by clicking Go back.

File and folder

You can create a new file or folder, rename a file or folder, save a file, and delete a file or folder.

Viewing submissions result

To view the result of your submission:

  • Click Submission Result.

S. No. Name Description
1 Submission ID Information about your submission is described here. It contains the submission ID, date and time of the submission, and detailed description of errors, if any
2 Type Type of question is displayed here
3 Result Result of your submission is displayed here
4 Time Execution time of your project is displayed here
5 Score Score assigned to your submission is displayed here

Compile and test

To compile your code:

  • Click Compile & Test

Note: Your code will not be submitted when you click this button. You must click Submit to submit your project.

Submitting your project

To submit your project:

  • Click Submit Project

You have successfully submitted your project.


  • You can make multiple submissions.
  • Your last submission is displayed on the top of all your previous submissions.
Downloading your project

To download your project:

  • Click 

You have successfully downloaded your project. After downloading your project, you can edit the code on your system.

Deleting your project

To delete your project:

  1. Click 

    A confirmation message is displayed on your screen.
  2. Click Yes to delete your project.

You have successfully deleted your project.

Uploading your project

After deleting your project code, you can create a new project and write your own code for the project according to the problem statement and upload it as a .zip file.

To upload your project, follow these steps:

  1. Click Upload project as .zip.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you have saved your project.
  3. Select the folder.
  4. Click Open.

You have successfully uploaded your project.