Diagram-based questions

In this article, we break down diagram-based questions to ensure that you are familiar with the following:

  • Parts of a diagram-based question
  • Icons in the editor
  • Viewing the problem statement
  • Submitting your solution

Parts of a diagram-based question

Problem statement

A problem statement is a short description of the problem for you should provide a solution or an answer. In this type of question, it describes the conditions (called scenario) according to which you must create the required diagram.

Creating diagram

You can create or edit the diagram by clicking Edit diagram. When you click this button, you will be directed to a page that contains components and a diagram, which can be used for reference to create the diagram.

Note: Currently, HackerEarth Recruit supports 26 components.

You can search for a component by typing the name of that component in the search bar.

You can perform the following functions on the editor:

  • Drag and drop: Drag and drop the images from a component to the editor.
  • Edit: Edit the reference diagram available in the editor or the image that you created.
  • Text: Write text relevant to your solution
  • Resize: Change the dimensions of the image, as required.

Icons in the editor

The description of icons in the menu bar displayed on the editor is as follows:


Viewing the problem statement

To view the problem statement:

  • Click View Problem Statement

You will be redirected to the problem statement.


To submit your answer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Save Diagram.
  2. Click .
  3. Provide additional comments, if any.
  4. Click Submit.

You have successfully submitted your answer.

Important: After submitting your answer, if you make any changes and click Submit, your previous submission gets overwritten.