Setting up your account

The first thing that you must do after you have bought your Recruit subscription is:

  • Log in
  • Set up your account
Logging in

You will receive an email from your PoC in the HackerEarth team with your username and password.

Use the following link to log into your Recruit account:

Note: Other team members must be added by you to your Recruit account. Their credentials will be generated automatically by the Support team at HackerEarth.

For more information, see logging to your HackerEarth account.

Setting up your account

After you have logged in, you should set up your account. The settings are divided into two categories:

  • Personal settings
  • Company settings


You can set your personal information, change your password, and manage integrations here.

Personal information

You can specify your name, job title, contact number, and change your profile picture. For more information, see personal information.

Calendar integrations

You can integrate Google calendar with Recruit. For more information, see calendar integrations.

Note: Currently, we only support integrations with Google calendar.


You can change your current password. For more information, see changing your password.

API details

HackerEarth Recruit API helps you manage tests, candidate invites, and reports on your own with just a few lines of code. For more information, see HackerEarth's API documentation.

Important: Your client ID and client secret ID must be kept confidential because they can be misused. It is recommended that you do not share these details with anyone. If you do share this information and it is misused, HackerEarth does not take responsibility for the same.


HackerEarth has currently partnered with the following Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS):

For integration requests, please contact your PoC.


You can change information about your company, add or remove team members, and manage payment methods here.

Company information

You can see the information about your company here. This is the same information that was provided when you bought your Recruit subscription. For more information, see company information.

Team members

You can view team members, add team members, assign roles, and manage team members here. For more information, see adding team members


You can add, view, and manage payment methods here. For more information, see adding a payment method.