Selecting questions from the HackerEarth's library

HackerEarth’s library has an exhaustive list of MCQs. While you may use these in various tests, you can also create your own MCQs for a test. A library admin or super admin can then add these questions to your custom library.

In the HackerEarth library, MCQs are categorized based on various topics.

To add questions from the HackerEarth library to your test, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the HackerEarth Assessment account by using your admin credentials.
  2. Create a test manually. For more information, see Creating tests.
  3. In the Test details section, click Questions.
  4. Click Choose from library
  5. Select the library from which you want to add the questions.
    Note: You can add questions from HackerEarth’s library or My Library.


  6. Select the difficulty level of the question that you want to add.

  7. Search for and select the relevant topics from which you are required to add questions in your test. You can search for a maximum of 5 topics from the displayed list. For example, Java, PHP, Python, etc.
    The questions of all selected topics get displayed.

  8. Select the relevant questions.

  9. Click Add selected.

You have successfully added a new question to the test.