Plagiarism insights

When you request a plagiarism report, it is generated in a .xlsx format and sent to your email ID.
Important : You must be an admin to be able to request a plagiarism report.

This feature is especially useful in the following scenarios:

  • A number of candidates are taking the test together. For example, during a recruitment drive on the company premises
  • Internal evaluations are conducted. For example, for LnD or for internal engagement

What happens when a request is made?

The platform compares the submissions made by a candidate with the submissions made by all the other candidates.
Each line of the code is compared. If any 2 submissions match more than 70%, the submissions are flagged and the names of both the candidates are mentioned in the plagiarism report.
Note: This is the case even if a candidate has copied from more than 2 candidates.

What does a plagiarism report look like?

Your report will be color coded.

Color log

You will see 2 panels in the plagiarism report in which each panel is the code written by the two candidates. The color code is as follows: 

No color: When the code is not highlighted, it means that it is an exact copy.

Yellow: Yellow highlights indicate a slight match. This is common when candidates change variable names but do not change the plagiarized logic 

Red and green: These colors indicate that the code written by both the candidates is not the same.