Java Project

The full potential of Java programming language cannot be explored in a single-page code, which is the format of our current programming questions. The project question type provides a file-and-folder structure that enables the testing of Java concepts at various levels.

Additionally, Java-specific libraries can be added to the project thus providing further flexibility to the test setter to assess the candidates. These are automatically evaluated using JUnit test cases.

Why Java Project questions?

Test hands-on programming skills

This question type allows you to test a candidate’s hands-on programming skill as against testing only the algorithmic coding knowledge. You can also assess how familiar candidates are with the concepts of code structure, file hierarchy, various frameworks, and libraries within Java.

Problems based on real-life scenarios

Candidates can relate to problems that are based on real-life scenarios, which makes problem-solving interesting.

Implementation of the JUnit framework

Recruiters often find it difficult to create input and output test cases. Therefore, we have introduced JUnit test cases, which recruiters are more familiar with. You will now be able to assess the candidate more easily. This framework helps in testing the entire code flow and not just the I/O.

Organization of Java Project

A Java Project is organized into Java logic files and test cases. To know more about organizing Java Project files and folders, click here.

Test cases

When you write test cases, ensure that you follow the JUnit conventions.