Creating a question pool from the HackerEarth's Library

To create a question pool from HackerEarth's Library, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the test that you have created.
  2. In the Test details section, click Questions.
  3. In the section to which you want to add questions, click Pooling.
  4. Select From a library in question selection.
  5. Select HackerEarth's library under the Select library section.

    : HackerEarth’s Library is chosen by default.

  6. Select the topic, for example, API testing.
  7. Select the level of difficulty—for example, Easy
  8. Select the number of questions you want to pool. For example, 4. You will be shown the number of questions available in HackerEarth's library to pool for the selected topic. The number of questions to be pooled should be less than the available number of questions for pooling.
  9. Click Save.

Screenshot from 2023-03-24 13-46-44

You have successfully created a question pool in a section.