General components of a candidate assessment report

The Candidate assessment report is generated after a candidate has successfully completed the test. This report is generated for recruiters to share with candidates. 

The information available in the candidate assessment report

You can view the following information in this report:


Test time analysis


Skill-wise performance 


In this graph, the X-axis represents the score (in percentage) that has been obtained by the candidate with respect to a specific skill. The Y-axis represents each skill along with the total number of skills available in the test. 

You can view a candidate's score for a specific skill that is added to the test. You can assess the candidate's proficiency in a skill by comparing their score to the average score obtained by all the other candidates for that specific skill in the test.

The average score is determined by calculating the average of all the scores obtained by all the candidates for that specific skill.

Skill-specific performance: Key observations


You can view the points to heed cards that are related to the candidate's performance with respect to skills. These cards contain various achievements that a candidate has earned in a specific skill. For example, the highest score in basic programming, the second-highest score in Python, etc.

Candidate's information


You can view the information that has been provided by the candidate while starting the test. These fields must be selected by you while configuring the setting of the test. For more information, see Candidate settings.   

The following details are displayed:

  • Email ID
  • Contact number
  • Designation
  • Location
  • Programming languages that the candidate knows
  • Education details
  • Candidate's photograph (if uploaded)

Detailed submission report

You can view the detailed report of the best solution that has been submitted by the candidate.

Screenshot from 2023-03-14 14-26-14 (1)

1. Problem name states the name of the programming problem.

2. Problem description states the description of the problem statement.

3. Time states the time taken by the candidate's code to pass the test cases.

4. Score states the total score achieved by the candidate for the problem.

5. Time complexity states the time complexity of the candidate's solution.

6. Space complexity states the space complexity of the candidate's solution.

7. Memory states the memory space taken by the candidate's solution.

8. Language states the language in which the candidate wrote the code.

9. Submitted on signifies the date and time on which the code was submitted by the candidate.

10. No. of attempts states the number of attempts the candidate took to solve the problem.

11. Code quality is the metric that states the quality of the code written by the candidate.

12. Score states the total score candidate achieved out of the total allotted score.

Available only for programming questions