Diagram-based questions

Diagram questions provide a canvas to represent a design by simply dragging, dropping, and arranging relevant components. It can be used to:

  • Assess a candidate’s logic through a simple flowchart (no coding needed)
  • Evaluate full-fledged systems design skills

Why diagram-based questions?

Test multiple aspects

Assess these key skills and the approach that candidates use:

  • Visualize complex problems
  • Define various components of a system
  • Identify the process/data flow
  • Detail the interfaces, modules, and complete architecture

Test multiple profiles

Use these questions for testing various profiles: architects, senior developers, or freshers. For example, freshers may be asked to create flowcharts or algorithms whereas an experienced developer may be asked to create more complex ecosystems.

Test in multiple ways

Use the sample questions in the library as is or as a reference to create your own problems (relevant to your domain/industry). Create partial diagrams and assess whether a candidate can understand and build upon an existing system.