Test admin

How can you become a Test admin?

You can become a test admin in the following ways:

  • By signing up
  • When a Super admin adds you as a test admin from the company settings
  • When a Super admin adds you as a test admin for a specific test with specific company-level access
  • By setting a point of contact

What can a Test admin do?

A test admin can do everything related to tests (only in tests that have been created by them) such as:

  • Create, edit, and delete tests
  • Add, modify, and delete questions in the test
  • Modify test settings
  • Invite users
  • Access reports
  • Clone tests
  • Add multiple proctoring mechanisms
  • Restrict IP addresses from which the test can be taken

For more information, see Test settings.


  • Test admins will not be able to alter tests that they have not created or were not explicitly added to.
  • A Test admin cannot add, delete, or modify the questions in the My Library, however, he can use them while creating a test. 
  • If you are added as a test admin from the Test settings page, you will have access only to that test. You will not have access to any other features at the company level.