Auto-generated invites

This is a premium feature. If you want it enabled for your account, please contact your account manager. 

This feature allows you to create anonymous invitation links for your test. As the name 'anonymous' suggests, the details of the candidates who use these links to take tests will not be visible to HackerEarth. This means that HackerEarth will not be able to save the data of such candidates.

  • Candidates can directly click the link to take the test
  • Allows the candidate to take the test without a user profile on HackerEarth platform thus providing anonymity

Important: HackerEarth will not be able to help you with the details of candidates as no details are entered into the system. Therefore, it is important that you map and store these details by downloading them from your HackerEarth Recruit account.


The format of an auto-generated invite is as follows:

<Name of the company-testID-invite>

The invite sequence in each candidate ID helps you to track the number of invites and the corresponding candidates.

Test status

You can view the status of a candidate's test. 


S. No.  Title Description
1 Candidate email Auto-generated email IDs 
2 Candidate name This will remain blank because the candidate's name is not available.
3 Status

Active: Candidates who have completed the test

Currently taking: Candidates who are taking the test at the present time

Test reset: Reset a test for a candidate or all the candidates

Not attempted: Candidates who have not started the test 

Offered: Candidates who have passed the test and shortlisted by the recruiter

Archived: Candidates who are rejected or have underperformed the test

4 Invited on Date on which the candidate is invited to take the test
5 Invited by Email ID of the test admin
6 Email status

Read: Candidate has read the email

Unknown: Data is unavailable or an internal error has occurred

Delivered: Invite email was delivered to candidate's mailbox

Undelivered: Invite email was not delivered because the email is either dropped or bounced back

Processed: Invite has been processed successfully but yet to be delivered

Not available: Data is unavailable for older invites

7 Anonymous email IDs Email IDs generated by the HackerEarth Recruit anonymously 
8 Email ID Email ID of a particular candidate that is used to invite to take up the test