Creating file upload questions

To create file upload questions, follow these steps:

  1. Log into HackerEarth Recruit using your admin credentials.
  2. Click Questions Library.
    Important:  It is assumed that you are logged in as an admin in HackerEarth Recruit.
  3. In the Library section, click File.
  4. Click Add file question.
  5. In the Problem Name field, enter the name of the problem.
  6. In the Problem Statement field, enter the problem statement.
  7. In the Difficulty level list, select the difficulty level of the problem. For example, Easy.
  8. In the Max. Marks field, enter the maximum marks that you want to assign to your question.
  9. In the Answer section, write the answer in the form of text.
    Note: This is not visible to the candidates.
  10. In the Tags field, enter the tags that you require for your question.
  11. Click Save File Question.

You have successfully created a file upload question. Now, your problem is displayed in the File Upload Questions section.