Use cases of subjective questions

This is a versatile question type that can be used to test the theoretical knowledge of candidates about a range of topics including business management and software technologies.

Some examples of the types of skills that you can test by using this question type are as follows:

Open-ended questions

  • How will you improve the existing Search functionality within HackerEarth (minimum 5 points)? 
  • Suggest a business solution that will increase the revenue of WhatsApp by 10%.

Technology-based questions

  • What is Polymorphism?
  • What are the advantages of using stored procedures in an SQL server?

These questions can be auto-evaluated too based on the similarity score of the answer to the expected answer. HackerEarth's library has various subjective questions on My SQL, Product management, basic computer skills, etc. which can be used to assess a candidate's theoretical knowledge and you can also custom create your own subjective questions. To learn more about custom creating a subjective question, read this article.