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Release notes: 14th August

Recruiter New features

Brand new help center

Our help center is up and running! We have help content for recruiters, candidates along with FAQs, product updates etc. Check it out here.

WYSIWYG all the way

We've switched to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It has become easier to create and format content for your test. From highlighting content to creating tables you can do everything much faster.

Skill-based tests

We've switched from role-based to skill-based tests. A role may require multiple skills. A test that is created based on skills gives you more flexibility in using the same test to assess for multiple roles.

Question-specific test instructions

We have introduced instructions specific to each question type in HackerEarth Recruit. The instructions are auto-generated based on the types of questions that are added to a test. The following instructions are displayed automatically:

  • General instructions: Instructions common to all tests. Candidates can view these instructions before starting a test.
  • Question-specific instructions: Instructions based on the type of questions added to a test.
  • Proctoring instructions: Instructions relevant to the proctoring settings made by you while creating the test.

Download the list of invited candidates

Now you can download the list of invited candidates from the Test dashboard.
Feature enhancements

Skill-name list while creating a new automatic test

We've made this functionality more intuitive now. Suggestions are displayed on your screen as you start typing the name of a skill or question type. You can even enter any letter from the skill name and it will be displayed on the screen along with other names that contain the same letters or same sequence of letters.


New language support in the code editor

Swift 4.1 was added to the list of programming languages supported in the code editor.

HackerEarth Recruit is now GDPR compliant

HackerEarth Recruit was made GDPR compliant. This involved changing the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and taking consent from users to send emails and updates.

We have fixed the issue with the dialog box of the All topics option in the HackerEarth Recruit Questions library.

Candidate New features

Details about issues in the code editor

An alert is displayed to you when there are any issues in the test environment such as page loading, JavaScript error, etc. This also prompts to reload the page that fixes issues most of the times.

Enhanced test instructions

The test instructions in a test are rewritten based on the type of questions added in the test, which made the instructions much more useful and relevant to you.


Code player recording performance

The keystrokes entered by you are now recorded faster than before.

Theme of the code editor is changed

The default theme of the code editor has been made dark (black).