SAP SuccessFactors: Overview

HackerEarth Assessment is integrated with a new ATS—SuccessFactors. This integration allows you to screen candidates efficiently and streamline the technical recruitment workflow. You can perform the following tasks on SuccessFactors:

  • Post job requirements on the SuccessFactors platform
  • List the HE tests that you have created at the SuccessFactors dashboard and associate them with various jobs
  • Send invites to the specific candidates directly from the SuccessFactors dashboard as soon as the candidates qualify for the Assessments stage
  • View the candidate report on the SuccessFactors dashboard after the candidate successfully completes the test at HackerEarth Assessment
  • Get a public link to view the candidate reports at HackerEarth Assessment

To integrate SuccessFactors with HackerEarth Assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Generate the SuccessFactors API key for your organization
  2. Set up assessments on the SuccessFactors platform