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Release notes: June 7, 2021

  • Babel support for front end questions

Babel is now supported in the editor for front end problems. This means that the candidates can now use popular front end frameworks such as Reach and Vue while attempting the questions. For more information on front end questions, read this.

  • Bulk move questions to sections

You can now bulk move questions to different sections.

  • Submission retry and improved failure handling

We have now improved submission retry flow and submission failure handling.

  • Limit on MCQ questions in auto-generated tests

We have now applied a limit on the MCQ questions in auto-generated test. To know more about MCQ questions, read this article.

  • DS submission optimization

The DS submission has now been optimized.

  •  Filter to see My interviews/All interviews

We have added a small radio button filter to search for My interviews/All interviews. When my interviews option is selected, you can see all the interviews created by you or where you are the interviewer.