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Release notes: September 7, 2021

  • Single interview link is now available to all the customers with new features

We have introduced single interview link for all the customers now. To learn more about single interview link, refer to this article.

  • Calendar integration is available for all the customers

You can now integrate your interviews with the Calendar.

  • Import questions from the candidate’s assessment to the Facecode interview

You can now directly import questions from the candidate's assessment to the FaceCode interview.

  • Enhanced proctoring settings in Facecode

The proctoring settings have been enhanced now. You can easily see if the candidate has navigated away from the window or is in the current interview tab.

  • Quick access to plagiarism reports

Plagiarism reports can now be quickly accessed as soon as the candidate finishes the assessment.

  • Add tets cases directly into a problem 

You can now manually add test cases to the programming questions through a text box.

  • Search feature is now enabled in the HackerEarth library

We have enabled an advanced search feature to help you navigate to the right question while creating a test.