Listed tests

HackerEarth has introduced the listed test feature that allows you to publish a pre-prepared test for a specific job role. This challenge will be published on HackerEarth’s challenges page and in the Jobs section and will be visible to the community users for up to 5 weeks. 

For the duration the test is publicly listed, community users can take up the test and apply for the job role. So with this option, you get access to a high-quality talent pool that comes with validated skill sets. 

Creating a listed test

You will get an option to create a listed test in the admin dashboard. You can follow these steps to create a listed test:

  1. Log in to your HackerEarth account.
  2. Click Create new test.
  3. Click Community Hiring. This is a listed test so you cannot create a new role and have to select a predefined role. The recommended skills for the job role will automatically get selected that cannot be modified by you.Screenshot_from_2022-11-24_16-05-17.png
  4. Click Continue. You can configure your assessment by entering the test name, Experience range, Test duration, and tags.
    Note: If you do not find the role that you are hiring for in the list of available roles, please contact us at
  5. Click Continue. In the job details screen, you will see the following: 
    • Compensation
    • Number of open positions
    • Job location
    • Job description
  6. In the Job details section, add information about the job, for example, roles and responsibilities, mandatory qualifications, educational qualifications, etc., compensation, number of open positions, and job location.
  7. Click Create test. The test will be created.

If you choose not to disclose the salary for a job role, then the salary details will be specified as ‘Per company benchmark’.