DevOps questions

HackerEarth has introduced DevOps questions that can be used to assess the skills of a candidate in Linux. These questions are useful when you are looking for a candidate with relevant DevOps and Linux skills. In these questions, you can ask them to perform various tasks such as the following:

  • Installing a package
  • Setting up a server/client/db and the required communication pipeline between the various components on a Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Modifying an environment and configurations as per the given problem
  • Solving problems including source control, rebase, merge, etc.
  • Solving problems on Network simulation - Load balancing, etc.

When a candidate views a DevOps question, the problem statement is displayed alongside the login credentials and an SSH command for logging into the Linux virtual machine. The DevOps questions support Ubuntu 20.04 and can be used to assess the candidate’s proficiency in Linux skills. To learn about the scoring of DevOps questions, read this.