Test overview

To see the overview of a test, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to HackerEarth Assessments by using your admin credentials.
  2. Click Tests.
  3. Click the name of the test whose overview you want to see.
  4. In the Test details section, click Overview.
  5. You can view the following details on the page:
    1. Overview: The following details are displayed in this section:

    2. Settings: You can edit the test settings on a single page.
      All the enabled settings are displayed in the different types of settings. You can enable or disable the settings by clicking Edit. To know more about test settings, click here.
      Note: If you have not enabled a test setting, then it is displayed as follows:
    3. Other details: You can also view and details of the test on the same page. 
      • Click mceclip9.png to edit specific details.
      • Click mceclip10.png to copy specific details.
    4. Test admins: You can also add the admins of your test on this single page.
    5. Click Add to add the description of your test. 
    6. You can also view the default instructions provided by the platform. Click Edit to add the instructions according to your requirements. It is not recommended to edit the default instructions that are provided by the platform. 
      Note: Click Reset to the default template to restore the automatically-provided default instructions. After clicking this button, all the new and saved changes are lost.  

You have successfully viewed the Overview section.