Dynamic practice tests

HackerEarth Assessment automatically generates a practice test for a specific test that is created by you. The purpose of this test is to make candidates familiar with the test environment. It is created only after a test gets published.


The features of a practice test are as follows:

  • It contains the same question format as the original test. For example, if you have added MCQs, programming questions, and SQL questions, then the practice that is created for this test also contains the same question types. The practice test does not contain the same number of questions as the original test.
  • The duration of all the practice tests that are generated for any tests is 45 minutes. This duration does not change with respect to the format of the original tests.
  • The link to the practice test is attached to the Invite and automated reminder emails. You can also view and copy the practice test link from the Overview page.
  • If you make any changes to the format of the questions in the original test, then the format of the practice test is automatically updated with respect to the modified format of the original test.
  • It cannot contain the same questions that are added to the original test. 
  • Candidates can attempt this test anywhere they want. Also, they can attempt the practice test for multiple numbers of times.
  • The description and instructions of the practice test can be modified for a better understanding of its purpose.

The types of questions that are supported by the automatically-generated practice tests and the number of questions for the respective types that are added to the test are as follows:

S. No. Question types No. of questions added to the test
1 MCQs Ranges from 2 to 5 per defined skill
2 Subjective 1
3 Programming 1
4 SQL 1
5 Java project 1
6 C# project 1
7 Python project 1
8 Frontend 1
9 File upload 1
10 Machine Learning 1

For MCQs, if questions for a specific skill or topic do not exist, then the questions that are related to the other defined skills are added. In case, if no skills are defined, then the questions related to logical reasoning are added to the test.