Jobvite: Overview

HackerEarth Assessment is integrated with a new ATS—Jobvite. This integration allows you to screen candidates efficiently and streamline the technical recruitment workflow. You can perform the following tasks on Jobvite:

  • Post job requirements on the platform
  • Set up multiple tests on HackerEarth Assessments
  • Invite candidates to tests
  • Generate detailed candidate reports and share the reports with your team members
Key features

The key features of Jobvite are as follows:

  • Create any type of job requisition to fit your needs: You can create and add any types of job requisitions or job requirements to fit your business needs by tailoring attributes such as posting type, location, custom workflow, and more. You can also edit a requisition that you have created.
  • Create FaceCode interview meetings and send the link to candidates: You can easily create FaceCode meeting links and directly send the interview link to the candidates for the assessment.
  • Track job openings and prospective candidates: After you create a requisition, Jobvite automatically posts your job openings on the web. It allows you to get the updates of the added job positions and you can also track the candidates who apply for these positions.
  • Screen prospects quickly: It organizes all your lead generation and sourcing results in one place. Additionally, the screening and ranking tools in Jobvite help you to identify suitable candidates.
  • Map multiple HackerEarth tests to job requisition: You can create and add multiple tests and invite candidates to fill a job position. There is no limitation on the number of candidates that you can assess at a time. All these tasks can be done directly from Jobvite’s interface.
  • View detailed candidate reports in the workflow setup: You can view their scores and other performance data in their Jobvite profile. This feature makes the selection process effective and less time-consuming. Additionally, if a candidate is shortlisted or rejected, then his or her status is updated automatically in both Jobvite and HackerEarth platforms.
Integrating Jobvite with HackerEarth

To integrate Jobvite with HackerEarth Assessment and use its features, follow these steps:

  1. Generate the Jobvite Webhook key for your organization
  2. Adding job requirements and tests.