Enhancing the coding experience of candidates

HackerEarth has always strived to provide the best candidate experience when they are attempting a test. To maintain the consistency of the best user experience, we have introduced a new and efficient code editor, Monaco. This editor helps candidates to display their coding skills easily and efficiently. It also helps you to assess a candidate’s skills without any issues.

This editor powers Visual Studio Code. It provides candidates with enhanced online coding experience with appropriate autocomplete, real-time linting, improved accessibility, in-context documentation, and automatic code formatting.


Now, candidates can use a faster and more accurate autocomplete feature when coding while the IntelliSense feature is enabled.

IntelliSense is a code-completion tool that contains various features such as parameter information, quick information, and list members. These components help candidates to know the parameters that they can use, and they also increase calls to properties and methods.



  • Currently, this feature is enabled only for C, C++, C++14, Java 8, Python 2, Python 3, C#, JavaScript, NodeJS, R, Swift, Bash, and Typescript languages.
  • This is a premium feature. To enable this feature for your account, contact support@hackerearth.com.

Improved the linting functionality

Candidates can detect syntax errors and other programming issues in their code after it is written and compiled. The real-time code linting feature highlights syntactical and stylistic problems in the source code.


Improved accessibility

We have also added more accessibility features to the editor such as high contrast themes, better support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and more.


In-context documentation

Candidates can receive in-context information on function signatures, libraries, and more. This helps candidates to get a quick overview of constructs and give them information on how these constructs are used while coding.


Improved code formatting

Now, candidates can select and format specific lines of code. This enhances the code readability making it easier for you to review code and assess candidates’ coding skills.

Candidates can use IntelliSense in the full screen mode too so when you enable full screen in the test settings, candidates can use IntelliSense for programming questions.