Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire: Overview

HackerEarth has added Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire ATS to its extensive list of ATS integrations. Recruiterbox is a popular and user-friendly ATS software that enables organizations to find and hire talent faster.

The integration between HackerEarth and Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire allows you to streamline the technical recruitment workflow. Using this integration, you can post about job openings on Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire, set up HackerEarth tests, invite candidates, and generate and share detailed candidate reports with your team. 

Integration of HackerEarth with Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire

To integrate HackerEarth with Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the API key to log in to the Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire platform.

Note: Customers who have the Pro Plus subscription of Recruiterbox - Trakstar Hire have access to utilize their API. If you have their Standard subscription, you cannot use the API.mceclip0.png

  1. Create job openings for candidates on the Recruiterbox platform.
  2. Source candidates to job openings and access their reports.