Full stack questions

Gives you an overview of what fullstack questions cover on the HackerEarth platform

Fullstack questions aim to assess a candidate's ability to work on both the front end and backend of a web application, emphasizing a holistic understanding of web development. HackerEarth’s full stack platform allows you to assess a candidate’s understanding of frontend, back end, and full stack concepts. 

In the HackerEarth library, we have questions that are built using real-world applications of coding. These questions cover a wide variety of frameworks and can help you evaluate a candidate on their application-building and problem-solving skills in a real-life situation. The questions cover three complexity levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Candidates will require a well-rounded understanding of web development concepts, languages, frameworks, and best practices to solve these questions.You can ask candidates to do the following tasks on HackerEarth's full stack platform:

  • Build an entire application by configuring the front end and backend
  • Build only the backend part of an application
  • Build only the front end part of an application

Supported frameworks

Front end

  1. Angular JS
  2. React
  3. React Native


  1. Django
  2. NodeJS
  3. Flask
  4. Spring
  5. .NET

Full stack questions are ideal to assess a candidate's skills on both the front end and backend. They can create a complete application or just a part of it for these types of questions and they can also be easily assessed on various frameworks supported by the HackerEarth platform. 

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