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Default evaluation criteria

There are various parameters based on which the evaluation of the candidate can be done. Each parameter is scored on a scale of 5. 

The parameters are as follows:

1. Communication skills (ability to understand the question and explain solution)

    • Poor
    • Could not explain the solution properly 
    • Good
    • Explained the solution properly 
    • Excellent

2. Ability to debug the code

    • Could not debug code
    • Could only debug a few errors
    • Could debug only the standard errors 
    • Could debug most of the errors 
    • Wrote a perfect code

3. Quality of code

    • Poor
    • Unformatted code
    • Basic concepts are covered 
    • Reusable and readable
    • Perfect code

4. Solution and Execution 

  • Unoptimized code and could not solve the question properly
  • Partly-optimized code and partially solved the question
  • Basically-optimized code and solved the question covering the basic concepts
  • Well-optimized code and solved the whole question 
  • Perfectly-optimized code and the solution prints the required output

The scores can be added in real-time but they are available later on as well where the automated summary is presented.