MCQ checklist

There are different kind of MCQ in the HackerEarth assessment which are as follows:

    • IO based MCQ
    • Scenario-based
    • Code-based
    • Code plus scenario-based questions

Different kind of MCQ has the following components:

  • IO based MCQ
    • Language
    • Complete code snippet
    • Formatted options
    • Relevant tags
    • Difficulty level

Certain conditions that are mentioned need to be followed:


  1. The language must be mentioned in which the code is written.
  2. The code should be complete in IO-based MCQ.
  3. If your option consists of multiple lines, they should be added to the problem statement itself and mention the corresponding number in the options.
  4. Make sure you follow the scoring system properly which is Easy-2, medium - 4, hard - 6.
  5. At least one skill should be there in tags from the list of skills in the library.
  6. IO-based questions should compile successfully.
  7. The questions should not be plagiarised.
  8. Do not use terms like valid, true. Use the word ‘correct’ instead.
  9. Use All of these, none of these, or both of these as options.
  10. Code snippets should always be named when multiple code snippets are in the problem statement.
  11. Use the names which are already in the naming convention.
  12. Every MCQ should have 4 options exactly.

For more information on MCQ, read this article.