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Locking and unlocking questions in a FaceCode interview

You can lock the code editor for the questions in your FaceCode interview. This will help you with better proctoring over your interviews.

FaceCode has introduced the feature of locking the code editor for a programming question in FaceCode. This will allow you to prevent the candidates from making any changes to the solution that the candidate has written for the questions. You can also unlock these questions whenever you want. This feature will help you control the amount of time you want to give to a particular candidate to solve the question in a FaceCode interview. This will also provide better proctoring over your interviews, as candidates cannot edit a locked question after looking for a better answer online. Each interviewer can lock their questions separately if there are multiple interview rounds.    

How to lock/unlock a question in Facecode?

To lock a particular question in the FaeCode interview, follow these steps:

  1. Join the FaceCode interview as an interviewer. 
  2. Click the Lock icon to lock the code editor for the candidate. 
  3. You will be shown a dialog box stating if you are sure about locking the code editor. Click Lock the editor. This will lock the code editor so that candidates cannot make any changes to their solution.
  4. The lock will turn red, and you will be shown the message as shown in the given image.
  5. To unlock the question, click the red lock again. The message will no longer be shown, and the lock icon’s color will be changed.

This is how you can easily lock/unlock the question in a FaceCode interview.

You will also be able to see the questions that you have locked in the interview in our FaceCode report for the interview.