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Release notes: April 7, 2023

Smart Browser

HackerEarth has introduced advanced proctoring settings that force candidates to attempt a test in a HackerEarth desktop application with stricter proctoring features than those provided by our browser test environment. This is done to offer stricter proctoring settings that can be instilled in the platform so that you can be assured about the proctoring of the tests you are conducting on our platform. To learn more about Smart Browser, read this article.

SQL schema and test case validation

HackerEarth will now be validating SQL test cases and schemas added by you when you create or edit SQL question types. You can upload invalid test cases and schema files before. 

We are now validating the following:

  • Individual schema files for each database type (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Schema files for each database against each other to check that they define the same schema. For example, MySQL schema is validated against the PostgreSQL schema.
  • If test case input files match the data definitions in the schema files.

To learn more about SQL questions, read this article.