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Release notes: August 7, 2023

Download reports across tests

HackerEarth has added a new feature that helps you download custom reports across tests by selecting the range of dates. This solves the problem of requesting manual reports each time and also provides you with the information you need in a more user-friendly and streamlined format.

Improvements in the Instructions page (Candidate side)

HackerEarth has implemented notable updates to the Instructions page that is presented prior to the commencement of a test. We have worked on both User Interface (UI) refinements as well as revisions in the displayed content on the page. Our aim is to enhance the user experience and provide clearer guidance to participants as they start their assessment.

DevOps performance improvements

HackerEarth has introduced several performance enhancements in the DevOps IDE. The IDE now opens up faster as compared to the previous version. We have also significantly reduced the time to load all the dependencies to provide you with a seamless experience. We are working towards bringing more enhancements to our DevOps platform. To learn more about DevOps questions, read this article