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Release notes: February 7, 2023

Advanced proctoring

HackerEarth has developed advanced proctoring settings which will ensure stricter proctoring for your technical assessments. To learn more, read this article

Public library

HackerEarth has introduced a Public library that includes the questions to be used for Practice for candidates and Learning and development accounts. The library consists of programming questions and MCQs.

Skill reports

HackerEarth has introduced skill reports for all the candidates which you can download and analyze to determine the skills in which candidates performed better or need attention.

Rule engine

HackerEarth has introduced a new feature in which you can automate the necessary actions at the end of the test based on the cutoff score. You can take the following actions at the end of the test:

  • Invite the candidates to the other test
  • Shortlist the candidate
  • Reset the test for the candidate