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Release notes: January 7, 2024

ID verification for Assessments

HackerEarth has added ID verification to the proctoring settings of assessments. When enabled, candidates are required to upload a valid photo ID before proceeding. The system verifies this ID by comparing it with a photo of the candidate. Any discrepancies are highlighted in the report. ID verification can be activated for any assessment in proctoring settings, and it's turned off by default. To learn more about proctoring settings, read this article.

Code quality in full stack questions

HackerEarth has introduced code quality in full stack questions for the React framework. The metrics generated are - Reliability, Security, and Maintainability. The code quality of an FS question will be available in the submission details section. To learn more about code quality in full-stack questions, read this article

Lock/unlock questions (FaceCode)

HackerEarth has added a new capability to FaceCode interviews, allowing administrators to lock and unlock questions. This feature enables admins to restrict candidates from modifying their solutions to interview questions by locking the code editor. You can unlock questions at a later stage. To learn more, read this article.