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Release notes: June 7, 2023

Subjective questions in HackerEarth’s library

HackerEarth has added new subjective questions on various skills in HackerEarth’s library which can be auto-evaluated. There are questions available without answers too that need manual evaluation. To see the available questions, click here. You can also add your own subjective questions along with answers. To learn more about how to create a subjective question, read this article.

Custom skill test creation

HackerEarth has introduced the creation of custom skill tests in My library. You can now create custom skill tests in your library and add them to a learning path. To learn more about upskilling, read this article

Full stack questions supporting React Native 

HackerEarth has introduced a React Native framework support for the full stack questions. These can be used to assess a candidate’s skills in developing a cross-platform mobile application, using JavaScript and React. To learn more about full stack questions, read this article.\