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Release notes: March 7, 2023

Automatic test creation has been improved

HackerEarth has improved the automatic test creation process. Some of the improvements are:

  1. More relevant MCQs
  2. More relevant programming questions
  3. Automatically limit the allowed languages for programming questions to the selected skills.
  4. More relevant tests for freshers and candidates under 3 years of experience

To learn more about automatic test creation, read this article.

Smart recruiters marketplace

HackerEarth is now available on the SmartRecruiters marketplace. To learn more about how to integrate HackerEarth with SmartRecruiters, read this article

Improved snapshot proctoring performance

HackerEarth has improved snapshot proctoring performance and changed how we take snapshots while attempting the test. To learn more about the snapshot proctoring settings, check this article.

Space complexity

HackerEarth has introduced the industry’s first feature of space complexity that allows you to see the space complexity of a solution provided by the candidate. You can see this in the candidate’s report. To learn more about reports, read this article.