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Release notes: October 7, 2023

Keyword evaluation in subjective questions

HackerEarth has introduced a new evaluation type for subjective questions called Keyword evaluation. In this method, you can add keywords along with their respective scores, and if the candidate’s answer contains the exact keyword, the candidate is allocated the score assigned to that keyword. To learn more about the Keyword evaluation type, read this article

Full stack and DevOps questions now cover different skills

HackerEarth’s rich library of questions has now been rejuvenated with new skills being covered in our full stack and DevOps questions, including AI, LLM, Powershell, web scraping, etc. You can now assess candidates on these skills with the help of our full stack and DevOps questions. To learn more about our full stack questions, read this article.

Subjective file upload

HackerEarth has introduced a file upload option in subjective questions where you can ask the candidate to upload a file so that you can understand the candidate's approach to their submissions. This is recommended for Excel questions where you want to know the approach used by the candidate or if they have used the correct formula to get the answer. To learn more about subjective questions, read this article.

Improved front end question creation experience

We have now improved the way to create a front end question in a test. You can select the supported frameworks: Vanilla, React, and Angular. The experience has improved, and it is now easier to create a front end questions to assess candidates based on their front end skills. To learn more about how to create a front end question in a test, read this article.   

Improved automatic test creation

We have improved our automatic test creation based on the years of experience and skills provided. The assessment created based on the years of experience and skills mentioned will now contain more relevant questions and different question types such as MCQs, programming, selenium, full stack, DevOps questions, etc. To learn more about automatic test creation, read this article