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Release notes: September 7, 2023

Subjective evaluation

HackerEarth has introduced a new evaluation type for subjective questions called Keyword evaluation. In this method, you can add keywords along with their respective scores and if the candidate’s answer contains the exact keyword, the candidate is allocated the score assigned to that keyword. To learn more about the Keyword evaluation type, read this article

Global benchmarking

HackerEarth has introduced Global benchmarking that provides insights into a candidate's position within the broader HackerEarth developer community for their assessed skill. It presents the candidate's percentile compared to all other candidates who have taken the assessments. If you're interested in incorporating global benchmarking into your assessments, please reach out to us. 

Comparative skill scores

HackerEarth now offers Comparative Skill Scores, which indicate how many candidates achieved scores within a specific range for a particular skill. This feature enables you to categorize candidates into different skill levels, ranging from level 1 (highest) to level 4 (lowest) in various skills.

Linux and macOS support for Smart Browser

The Smart Browser now supports various operating systems including Linux and macOS. To see the complete list of supported operations systems, refer to this article.